Beach Volleyball at Squawbar

With 4 regulation size courts we are your home for volleyball. All of our leagues are mixed male and female with 4 on 4 or 6 on 6 options depending on which league you wish to enter.

We have summer and fall outdoor leagues with three different levels of competition:

  • Competitive: For above average players with skills in bumping, setting, and spiking.
  • Intermediate: For players who like the game and are aware of the basic concepts of volleyball.
  • Recreational: A just for fun league created for those who want to get out and enjoy a night of volleyball with friends and team mates.

This summer we are hosting leagues Tuesday through Thursday starting at 7 pm each night. Come on out and take in a game or two from our spacious court-side deck.


2016 Squawbar In House Volleyball Rules.


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