Volleyball Sign-up Party

Saturday April 23rd from 3 to 8 pm
$2 Domestic Bottles
$3 Fire Jack Shots
$3 Aluminum Domestic Pints
Raffles & Giveaways!


Squawbar is your home for 2016 Summer Beach Volleyball.

Our leagues start in May and run through September. The team fee is ONLY $250.00 and there will be 1,000's paid out in cash and prizes.


Spaces are limited, so stop on by and register your team with one of our bartenders.


There are three levels of play: Recreational, Intermediate, and Competitive.

Recreational: A leage designed for the laid back - You're Out to Have Fun!

Intermediate: A more competative league, edgy with complete knowledge of the fundamentals of vollyball (B-p, set, spike & overhand serves).

Competative: Balls to the wall, In it to Win it. Designed for Well Rounded players who have played beach vollyball extensively.



The last day to sign up yor volleyball team is April 16th, 2016. The Summer Session starts on May 10th.






In House Volleyball Rules