2016 Squawbar In House Volleyball Rules



The Serve

  • Server must serve from behind the restraining line (end line) until after contact. Server may move freely behind the end line. The player's foot may not go under a boundary line.
  • The ball may be served under or over hand. The server has only one attempt to serve the ball. Example: (once the ball is tossed it must hit over the net or a side out occurs. One toss per serve.)
  • Set serves are good and must land within the opponent's side. Failure to do so results in a Side Out.
  • Server must call out the score prior to the serve. If the ball is not served within 8 seconds the result is a Side Out.
  • First game serve, receive or side choice will be determined by a COIN FLIP. The serve will change on the second game and the third game will be decided by a coin flip.



  • THIS IS A SIXES LEAGUE! A team must have at least 6 players on their roster. The following combinations will be allowed if necessary to play a game or match: (3 female, 3 male; 2 male, 4 female; 2 female, 4 male; 2 female, 2 male; 3 female, 1 male.) Female players can always take the place a male player. The League allows a team a roster of 12 players and it is highly recommended that teams sign up substitutes on their rosters to avoid this situation. Teams that constantly violate this rule will have their matched forfeited. All decisions will be up to the League Directors and all decisions will be final. Please note that this year we will allow 4 males and 2 females to play. You must have at least 4 players on the court with a minimum of 2 girls at all times.
  • Teams will rotate each time they win the serve.
  • Players shall rotate in a clockwise manner when they win the serve. Players leaving the game for any reason (other than regular rotation) must sit out the balance of the game. If any injury occurs in a position other than regular rotating position, a substitution may be made at the injured position and the injured player may not come back into the game. Substitutions are allowed for injuries; not at any other time.
  • Unlimited rotations may occur; rotate at middle back position ONLY.


Playing the game (Volley)

  • Games are RALLY SCORING; 3 games to 21, first 2 games capped at 23, NO Cap on third game and must win by 2.
  • Maximum of three hits per side. A female must hit the ball once if more than 1 hit is used.
  • Players may not hit the ball twice in succession, blocking does not constitute hitting the ball.
  • The ball may be played off the net.
  • A ball touching a boundary line is good.
  • A player may touch the ball with any part of the body.
  • A player may have successive contacts with the ball during a single attempt to make the team's first contact provided the fingers are not used to direct the ball. (double hit)
  • If two or more players of the same team contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered one play, and the players involved may not participate in the next play.
  • A player may not BLOCK or ATTACK a serve.
  • A back row player may participate in a block, if there is only one male front row player.
  • Back row players can only spike the ball from behind the 10ft. line.
  • Setting a serve is allowed.


Basic Violations:

  • Stepping on or over the line on a serve.
  • Hitting the ball illegally (carry, palming, throwing, slapping, etc)
  • Touches the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play. If the ball is driven into the net with such force that is causes the net to contact a player on the opposite team, no foul shall be called, the ball shall continue to be in play.
  • Reaching over the net, except under the following condition. When executing a follow-through. When blocking a ball, which is in the opponent's court but is being returned. (The blocker must not contact the ball until after the opponent who is attempting to return the ball makes contact), except to block the third play. Reaching under the net; if it interferes with the ball or the opposing player participating in the play.
  • Failure to serve in the correct order.



  • The captain of the team will be in charge of calling all violations.
  • Any disagreements in ruling are indisputable by team members; Spectators should not interfere with calls made by the captains either nor should they promote bad sportsmanship, i.e., swearing or arguing.


Starting Time & Forfeits:

  • Matches start at scheduled times.
  • There will be a grace period of 15 minutes to begin the first game. If not started in 15 the team short players shall forfeit the first game, in 30 all three games are called if a team is still short players.
  • A three-minute break is allowed between games.


General Information:

  • The League Directors are responsible for rules adoption, settling protests, banquet/picnic, awards and other matters pertaining to the smooth operation of the league.
  • The team roster shall consist of a maximum of 12 players. A minimum of six players to be registered in the league. The Waiver/Roster form with player identification must be signed and on file with Squawbar.
  • Players may be on more than one roster on the same league night. Players who play on another team must choose only one team for the end of the season tournament.
  • This is mandatory; no players or team visitors shall bring their own food or beverage to the establishments during a regular season game or the tournaments. All players must be 18 years of age. This is grounds for a forfeit from the league!! Any concerns should be brought to the League Director's attention. Do not take it up with bartenders.
  • Rain/Foul Weather: complete teams must show up. It is up the discrepancy of the league director to decide whether or not to play. It is NOT suggested teams play, if the National Weather Service has any Warnings in effect or severe lightening is a threat to players. Rescheduled dates for makeup game must agreed upon by both captains and a signed score sheet music be given to the league director with the rain date specified. If the two teams play each other later in the season it may be done on that night. The League Director will intervene when necessary and any forfeit decisions will be at the discretion of the League Director.
  • A player must play 4 regular season nights, (not necessarily all 3 games) to be eligible for the end of the season championship tournament. Any exceptions such as; Medical or LOA's will be up to the discrepancy of the League Directors.
  • Time outs: Each team is allowed 2 - 30 second time outs per game. Time outs are not charged in the case of injuries.